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From Craig Longman <>
Subject Re: suggestions
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 05:34:12 GMT
On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 21:54, Peter Donald wrote:
> > > --- Craig Longman <> wrote:
> > > >   <target name="target" if=""/>
> > > >   <target name="target" if=""/>
> Because as soon as we did that there would almost imeadiately be someone who 
> wanted != and then probably < or > or ... 
> Before too long you could have
> <target name="target" if="((x='y')&&(y>z+u))||(a~=b)"/>

hehe.  yes, i guess you're absolutely right here.  in fact, i had even
had a thought that if you could do an '=XXX', then why not use a regexp
as the rhs and then you could do anything.  give 'em an inch... ;-)

> The if/else target attributes were originally added with much objection from 
> ant-dev and there are some (ie me) who would like to see them removed 
> altogether ;)

interesting.  i am really not sure how i would do some of the things i
need to do though.  at least, i think i need to do them.  anyway, i
think if they're kept simple, they can be useful.

> > <target name="foo" depends="before" after="bar">
> > ...
> > </target>
> Looks like
> <target name="bar" depends="foo" />
> <target name="foo" depends="before"/>

very clever.  the only problem is that this would mean i would be
calling the 'bar' target, when what i really wanted to call was the
'foo' target.  but, this definitely acheives the desired effect, albeit
being a /little/ convoluted.  and i'm sure playing with the names would
still have the build code read sensibly.

> > having a public/private type of attribute.
> It has been proposed and KBed before but it may make it in come Ant2.

cool too.

thanks very much for your answers.



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