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From "JohnA" <>
Subject global default properties
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2001 05:39:01 GMT
I've set up a global properties file:

<property file="/projects/" />

which contains some values for the compiler (e.g. build.compiler = jikes)

I've tried to set up some of the other properties, "build.compiler.debug = on", but it doesn't
seem to work. What I'd like to do is
have minimal build.xml files by putting *all* the normal default values into a global properties

I was wondering if ant can do this or if this idea was in the works for ant v2.0? (see below
for a more detailed example)

(please pardon this post, if it is a repeat!)
For example, instead of writing this in a build.xml file:


I'd like to write these into the file:

   javac.srcdir = src
   javac.deprecation = on
   javac.debug = on

Then, the build.xml file becomes:

    <javac   destdir="${build}" />

all other parameters supplied by the defaults in files.

If I need to I overwrite some properties in a build.xml:

    <javac  srcdir="jsrc"  destdir="${build}" />

BTW taken to the "extreme" this would solve the compiler location problem...
and, if the default properties file could, in turn, call an upper level properties file, then
other benefits accrue.

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