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From "Arnold deVos" <>
Subject ANN: Styler task extended to regular fragmentations, custom types.
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 07:47:07 GMT

this is to followup an earlier announcement of an XML/XSLT processing task
for Ant.  I've extended the styler task to allow custom parsers,
transformers and serializers.  Based on that, I've added a transformer for
"regular fragmentations" (see ).

I expect the ability to split up element content to be rather useful in
pipelines with XSLT transformations.   Combined with the HTML parser it
should make the styler task ideal for "screen scraping".

One of our applications is to convert template.HTML->(styler
pipeline)->skin.XSLT and then data.XML+skin.XSLT->(styler

The styler task makes useful combinations of XSLT transformations easy to
specify in an Ant build file. Like the built-in task style, styler can apply
a single transformation to a set of XML files. But it can also:

* handle multiple transformations, in parallel or pipelined.
* enable transformations that split or merge files
* process non-XML files, especially HTML (based on JTidy)
* apply non-XSLT transformation, especially "regular fragmentations"
* use any custom XMLReader or XMLFilter class to handle new file formats and
transformation techniques.

Download under LGPL at

Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

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