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From "JohnA" <>
Subject Re: FTP-based "mirror/file synch" task
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 06:38:41 GMT
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From: "John Arrizza" <>
> Does anyone know of an available ant task to mirror a directory tree to a website? i.e.
I set up a directory on my hard drive the
> way I want my website to look, I call mirror (or synch or whatever) and it copies new
or modified files up to the web site, also
> propogates deletes to the web site as well (i.e. the hard drive is the master copy, the
web is the slave).
> I've tried to get to with no luck. I was hoping for something
a little higher level in any case.
> If there one available, I'll write it and post it... (where?)

Having read the doc (again) and downloaded optional.jar and netcomponents.jar (on an apache
cvs site), and found that :

    <ftp action="send"  server="${url}" userid="${uid}" password="${pwd}" remotedir="${rootdir}"
        <fileset dir="." >
           <include name="**/*"/>

was close to what I wanted, (assuming the remote directory tree is in place and no files are
being deleted)...

all I can say is:  never mind.


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