where is Ant1.4 Beta, I can only find Ant 1.4 alpha now.
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From: Natalia Bello [mailto:nbello@isabel.be]
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 10:48 AM
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Subject: RE: JunitReport. Problem

Now i have download Ant 1.4 Beta1 and it works !!
Thanks Stephane!

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From: Stephane Bailliez [mailto:sbailliez@imediation.com]
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>I have been using junitreport before succesfully, (just having xerces.jar
>xalan.jar in ANT_HOME/lib and neither jaxp.jar nor parser.jar)

ok....this is old stuff anyway.

>Now i have taken the nightly build and i have this error ( the crimson.jar
i have >taken also  from the source in the nightly build)
>        at
>Them, if i add the jaxp.jar file to ANT_HOME/lib i have this other error:
>[junitreport] XSL Error: Cannot use a DTMLiaison for a input DOM node...
pass a
>org.apache.xalan.xpath.xdom.XercesLiaison instead!
>[junitreport] XSL Error: SAX Exception
>What i should add, remove, change?? any idea?

crimson.jar/jaxp.jar in lib.
xerces.jar,xalan.jar in lib/optional

This would be the 'default recommended brute way'.

The problem is that you end up mixing parsers and jaxp versions...
there is a jaxp in xalan and xerces..which is not a good version.

It should be much better if you do this. Just let me know.

Hopefully the beta to be released today will save you from all this.