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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: java.home
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 13:13:36 GMT
Gah!  The one time I forget to check documentation, ant-user archive, etc.!  My apologies...


>>> 08/24/01 09:12AM >>>
On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Kyle Adams <> wrote:

> (by altering "build.compiler" in a property file).

"javac" is not a valid value for this property, see the documentation
of the <javac> task for the values Ant knows how to deal with (you
want to set it to "modern" or "classic" - or not set it at all).

>  Ant choked,

If build.compiler is set to a value Ant doesn't recognize, this one is
taken to be the name of a class (implementing CompilerAdapter) - as
Ant doesn't know "javac" it tries to load a class named "javac", and
obviously fails to find it.


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