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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: ant and WSDL
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 15:09:40 GMT
On Mon, 06 Aug 2001, Richard Emberson <> wrote:

> So how do I give ant the package path "com/contact/soap/test" and
> have ant convert it and give the package name
> "" to the XSLT processor?

You are correct, there is no built-in way to do this - falling back to
<script> is one option, writing a custom Ant task that layers on top
of the XSL transformation you want to perform would be another option
(and maybe the better one in the long run, see below).

> There is NO correlation between the name of the WSDL file and the
> DeploymentDescriptor files produced; it is the names of the services
> within the (source) WSDL file that determine the (target)
> DeploymentDescriptor file names.

Several options:

(1) works in Ant 1.3

Use <uptodate> in combination with target's if/unless attributes to
determine if you need to regenerate the sources.

(2) don't know whether this would work

I assume you use the in and out attributes of <style> to actually do
the transformation, <style> will know whether it needs to run, but
maybe this doesn't list all output files?  Pick up the CVS version
(even nightly builds would be to old for this) and try the dependset
task, do delete all targets and force a recreation by <style>.

(3) You are not really using <style>, but something else.

Write a custom task as a layer on top of the tool you invoke and
perform the same logic to determine the target name that the tool
would use - implement the dependency checking inside the task (much
like javac or rmic or whatever does).

> Is there an ant source-target design pattern that applies to this
> situtation or is the creation of a status file the best approach?

That would probably be <uptodate> or the new <dependset>.

> There is NO correlation between the name of the WSDL file and the
> names of the java files. So how do I represent this dependancy?

You have the same options as above. Maybe you can combine both steps
into a single Ant task?


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