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Subject Fileset initialization problem
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 05:33:43 GMT
I need few filesets to be referenced at a later point. The following is the
skeleton of my build.xml file.

<project name="...." default="init">

<target name="init">
<property name="src.dir" value="d:\src"/>

<fileset dir="${src.dir} id="fileset.1">
     <include name="**/.class"/>

<target name="create.ejbjar" depends="init">
     <ejbjar ...>
          <support refid="fileset.1"/>

When I execute, the build file fails saying that directory ${src.dir} does
not exist. It looks like ant is doing some fileset initiliazation before it
calls the default target. It works perfectly, if I hardcode the fileset
dir, instead of giving a property reference. Is there a workaround for this

 I am writing a generic ejbjar target which can be passed the required
paramters (descriptordir, support files etc), so that I can use to create
any EJB I need. Since the support element of ejbjar task needs a fileset, I
need a way of passing a fileset to the generic EJB target. Is there any
other way of doing this without passing filesets.

Siva Prasad

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