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From "Juergen Damke" <>
Subject call a JVM using different locales in one Build
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 15:40:04 GMT

I've problems using several locals in one build.
I create a master build.xml from which I call another xml file
with different locale definitions.

        <ant antfile="${Wps.bld.dir}/build/SearchIndex.xml"
            <property name="InfoCenter.dir" value="
${Wps.doc.dir}/en/InfoCenter" />
            <property name="Search.locale"  value="en_US"/>
        <ant antfile="${Wps.bld.dir}/build/SearchIndex.xml"
            <property name="InfoCenter.dir" value="
${Wps.doc.dir}/zh/InfoCenter" />
            <property name="Search.locale"  value="zh_CN"/>

SearchIndex.xml contains the java call:

                 <java classname=""
               <arg line="-locale ${Search.locale}"/>
               <arg value="-verbose"/>
               <arg line="-logfile ${Search.log}"/>
                <pathelement location="${InfoCenter.dir}/"/>
                <pathelement path="${Wps.srclib.dir}/jhall.jar"/>
          <sysproperty key="LANG"   value="${Search.locale}"/>
             <sysproperty key="LC_ALL" value="${Search.locale}"/>

Problem is, that  I do not know with which locale the JVM ist really
called. Even the -verbose Ant
parameter does not show that in the log.

>From the results the created chinese SearchIndex does not work and only
shows garbage
on an chinese system.

BTW: The build Machine is AIX 4.33 with all locales installed.

Ideas ?

J├╝rgen Damke
IBM EL ADS PvC Solutions 2, Dept 6547

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