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From Jerome Lacoste <>
Subject RE: JUnit output (System.out) not printed.
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 14:50:19 GMT

> > I upgraded to Ant 1.4 nightly and I found out that the JUnit output
> > (System.out, System.err) is not printed anymore.
> Your use-case indicates that we don't cover everything with this, maybe
> we should decouple the handling of System.out/.err from the summary
> formatter and add another attribute that indicates whether we want to
> swallow System.err/.out (i.e. hand it to the formatters exclusively,
> we currently do) or let output go to the original streams as well
> (unbuffered).
> What do you think?

Sory for the delay, I was away for a while.

As I said in my initial email I need user interaction through in my tests.
Otherwise I loose interest in running my Unit Tests in Ant.
Adding the attribute seems a good idea. I don't think of anything else as
easy that could provide the same functionality and flexibility.
I unfortunately don't have time to provide a fix. But perhaps should I
create a bug report?

One important point is that as I mentioned, some of my output gets Printed!
This output is handled by a logging class whose instance has a PrintStream
field initialised to System.out.

To summarize the System.err/out outputs inside my JUnit classes are not
printed, but some of the debugging output code contained in my library being
tested gets printed...
Might there also be a bug?


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