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From Atherton Richard - Z9V <>
Subject RE: Help: Using FTP with ant
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 18:04:08 GMT

I just stuck the netcomponents.jar in Ant's lib directory (i.e. the lib
under whereever you specify ANT_HOME) and it worked.

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From: Rob's Apollo []
Sent: mardi 21 août 2001 19:58
Subject: Help: Using FTP with ant
Importance: High

test xml file for ant

<project name="simpleCompile" default="deploy" basedir=".">
<target name="init">
    <property name="sourceDir" value="src" />
    <property name="outputDir" value="classes" />
    <property name="jsp" value="${sourceDir}/jsp" />
    <property name="deployJSP" value="web/deploy/jsp" />
    <property name="deployProperties" value="web/deploy/conf" />
<target name="clean" depends="init">
    <delete dir="${outputDir}" />
    <delete dir="${deployProperties}" />
    <delete dir="${deployJSP}" />
<target name="prepare" depends="clean">
    <mkdir dir="${outputDir}" />
    <mkdir dir="${deployJSP}" />
    <mkdir dir="${deployProperties}" />
<target name="compile" depends="prepare">
    <javac srcdir="${sourceDir}" destdir="${outputDir}" />
<target name="deploy" depends="compile,init">
    <copy todir="${deployJSP}" >
        <fileset dir="${jsp}" />
<target name="sendit" >
    <ftp action="list"
        listing="data/ftp.listing" >
            <include name="**"/>

my classpath is "c:\jdk1.3.1\jre;D:\NetComponents-1.3.8a\com"
but all I get is

cmd: ant - buildfile simple.xml sendit

D:\ant-test\simple.xml:37: Could not create task of type: ftp. Common
solutions are to use taskdef to declare your task, or, if this is an
optional task, to put the optional.jar in the lib directory of your ant
installation (ANT_HOME).
tried both ways and get the same error

any ideas

Robert Cartier

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