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From Paul Kilroy <>
Subject RE: running daemons
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 18:13:16 GMT

> >
> isn't that a little unsafe?  resetting
> What if:
>     1) The thread isn't finished with the input before you 
> set 
> back
>          to it's original value (say for instance if it processes one 
> line of input
>          at a time, and then does some io over a slow network, though 
> this is
>          a bad design in general, but could happen)?
>     2) You have multiple threads running which use standard 
> input (though
>          unlikely, it could happen)?
> The first one is really the one to worry about.  I would think
> it's safer to just pass input like that in a file, or as command
> line arguments.
Definately true on both counts (which is why I have not submitted this
formally as a patch or optional task). A side note: They options are ment to
be mutually exclusive... I only use spawn, or input; never both.  Ideally
they would be two separate tasks. If you'd like to clean it up and submit
it, be my guest.

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