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From Shankar Unni <>
Subject <untar> and <unjar> trash symlinks?
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 00:56:22 GMT
I'm trying to have one of my build files un-tar a "tar" file. But it looks
like symlinks in the tar file are trashed when expanding the archive (it
creates a zero-length file instead).

Similarly, "zip" files created with symlinks (using the "-y" flag to zip)
are also mangled: the symlinks are converted to regular files with the
content of the original symlink (i.e. if a -> b, then a is recreated as a
regular file with the word "b").

Is this a known problem? I don't see anything in the 1.4 changelist that
indicates any fix in this area, but I'm guessing this has to do with Java
not knowing how to create or manipulate symbolic links..

Is there *any* way to do this without forking off an external "zip" or "tar"

Shankar Unni            IntruVert Networks, Inc.   (408) 434-8311

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