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From Euan Guttridge <>
Subject RE: ANT with VisualSourceSafe
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 15:48:12 GMT
Thanks Jon, now using Ant1.4Beta and found the integrating ANT with
VisualSourceSafe documentation.

Does anyone have any example *complete* ANT scripts that integrate with
VisualSourceSafe. These would provide an excellent starting point for a
beginner like myself.


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From: Jon Skeet []
Sent: 14 August 2001 12:04
Subject: RE: ANT with VisualSourceSafe

> Thanks for the info. Are these the only docs available for 
> integrating ANT
> with VisualSourceSafe, I'm not sure these are the ones you refer to?

I was looking at the 1.4 docs (which aren't on the website as far as
I've seen). The available tasks are:

vssget Retrieves a copy of the specified VSS file(s). 

vsslabel Assigns a label to the specified version or current version of
a file or project. 

vsshistory Shows the history of a file or project in VSS. 

vsscheckin Updates VSS with changes made to a checked out file, and
unlocks the VSS master copy. 

vsscheckout Copies a file from the current project to the current
folder, for the purpose of editing.


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