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From Will Dyke <>
Subject User property overridden in nested ant scripts
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:17:42 GMT
I wish to use a command line property occasionally,
to override that set in a 'wrapper' script, that 
in turn calls the main script. 

However, the property set in the wrapper script appears to
override that set on the command line once the main
script is called. 

As an example, I have two scripts, dummywrapper.xml, 
and dummy.xml

========== dummywrapper.xml ===============
<project name="fakebuild" default="wrapper" basedir=".">
  <target name="wrapper">
    <ant antfile="dummy.xml" target="build-deploy">
      <property name="whoami" value="apps"/>

================ dummy.xml ================
<project name="fakebuild" default="build-deploy" basedir=".">
  <target name="build-deploy">
    <property name="whoami" value="apps"/>
    <echo message="${whoami}"/>

If I call dummy.xml, the command line property works fine, 
and the output is wd, as expected.

C:\ant\1.4b2\bin>ant -buildfile dummy.xml -Dwhoami=wd
Buildfile: dummy.xml

     [echo] wd


Total time: 0 seconds

If, however, I call the wrapper script, the output is

C:\ant\1.4b2\bin>ant -buildfile dummywrapper.xml -Dwhoami=wd
Buildfile: dummywrapper.xml


     [echo] apps


Total time: 0 seconds

Any ideas?
Will Dyke

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