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From "Aronszajn, Mark" <>
Subject want to selectively scp as part of the build...
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:44:32 GMT
Hope someone can help remove a thorn in my build process...

I have a favorite editor that makes me develop on an NT machine, and I save
my source via a mapped drive to unix, where I use ant (installed on NT).
Things would be fine if I deployed to the unix machine or to the NT machine,
either one, 'cause I could just use the target directory (-d) option in a
javac task in ant, but no, I have to deploy instead to a linux machine that
requires secure access, so I've been using pscp (installed on NT) to
"manually" copy the .class files to the deploy directories with each
compile.  I am just now trying to implement a good build process for the
entire app, using ant.  The trouble is, I'd like to figure out a way to get
just the .class files produced in the most recent compile secure-copied to
the secured linux machine, somehow as an ant task.

I have entertained a number of ways to do this, all fairly involved.  Does
anyone have any suggestions on a best way to do this?  (I know, I know, if I
just worked on the Linux box to begin with, a javac task would suffice...)

Thanks in advance for any help


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