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From "Daniel Sindahl" <>
Subject RE: Javadoc
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 11:52:50 GMT
I just realized I wasn't very clear in my previous post, sorry about
that. What I wanted to know is how to use the javadoc tool from e.g.
JDK1.3, while still compiling with e.g. JDK1.1.8. I can only set my
JAVA_HOME variable to one of the two...



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From: Daniel Sindahl 
Sent: den 1 augusti 2001 13:20
Subject: Javadoc


I'm an Ant beginner, and would very much appreciate help on the
following subject.

I have an Ant build file for building my Java project using JDK1.1.8.
However, I want to generate the API documentation using the javadoc tool
from Java2. Which is the best way to accomplish this in my build file?

Thanks in advance!

/Daniel Sindahl, Stockholm

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