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From Michael Leo <>
Subject Re: What properties are available
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 14:20:17 GMT

Actually, they are available within ANT, at least on Solaris:

   <property environment = "mysys"/>

will give you access to all the operating systems environment
variables (if your OS has them ;-) via


or whatever.

Hope this helps,


Mike Leo

At 10:21 AM 8/9/2001 -0400, Matthew Inger wrote:
>Environment variables are a non standard way of doing things
>with java.  The reason they are not readily available is that they
>do not exist on all platforms (here is where I cough, and point
>fingers at MacOs before version X).
>Therefore, they're not available.  the way  you have to make them
>available is by passing them on the command line as System properties:
>java -Dmy.var=${MY_VAR} test.class
>Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>>On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Patrick O'Hara <>
>>>I have found that the environment is not available on Win2K.
>>Java (>= JDK 1.1) doesn't have access to environment variables on any
>>platform I was aware of.
>>>I am wondering if these values are available as properties within
>>ANT_HOME will be the property ant.home, if and only if you invoke Ant
>>with the wrapper script that ships with it - JAVA_HOME is vaguely the
>>same as java.home, they are identical for JDK 1.1, but JDK 1.2+ make
>>java.home point to JAVA_HOME/jre.
>>More generally, to access environment variables, take a look at
>><property>'s environment attribute.
>>>The more general question is how can I get a list of the properties
>>>that are available?
>>ant -debug
>>(make sure you capture the stuff somewhere as the output may be
>>overwhelming 8-).
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