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From "Michael J. Hudson" <>
Subject Deleting a Jar in ant.
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 23:04:57 GMT

Since I had seen an earlier bug kind of like this one... I'm thinking
that ANT may have a couple of FileStreams that the code creates and
still has handles to...

In any case... in my ANT build.xml file...  I compile all of my class 
files, and JAR them up... however, I delete my previous copy of the JAR 
before I JAR them up.  For some reason, ANT can't delete it because 
it's still being used somehow.  I'm on a Windows NT machine... and this
actually works fine on a Linux-box.  I had the same kind of issue a
couple of weeks ago with some output from a XALAN process that ANT
created. Same platform difference as well.  And we found out that
this previous bug was a problem with ANT's TraxLiaison file.  

So... I'm pretty sure there must be something similar wrong in this
case, but not quite sure what it might be.  Any ideas?  Is it possible
that the last time I ran ANT, that the resouce handle to the JAR
file that was last created is still being used?

Michael J. Hudson
Software/Framework Engineer

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