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From Christof Schablinski <>
Subject Subpackage build script compiles java-sources in sibling-package
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:19:29 GMT

I'm calling Ant with the following build-file in a subpackage directory.
Ant echos the number of files in the subpackage that must be recompiled,
but first starts to compile java sources in a sibling package.
How can I prevent Ant from checking the sibling packages?

<project name="client-package" default="compile">

  <property environment="ENV" />
  <property name="builddir"
            value="${ENV.PROJDIR}/Team/${ENV.USER}/program/classes" />
  <property name="srcdir"
            value="${ENV.PROJDIR}/Team/${ENV.USER}/program/java" />
  <property name="package" value="com/dcag/spb/client/mainwindow" /> 

  <target name="init">
     <mkdir dir="${builddir}" />

  <target name="clean">
     <delete dir="${builddir}/${package}" />

  <path id="classpath.project">
     <pathelement location="${builddir}" />
     <pathelement location="${builddir}/../lib/jh.jar" />
  <target name="compile" depends="init">
    <javac srcdir="${srcdir}" destdir="${builddir}" >
       <classpath refid="classpath.project" />
       <patternset excludes="${srcdir}/com/dcag/spb/client/**/*.java"/>
       <patternset includesfile="includes.ant" />

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