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From Dmitri Pichugin <>
Subject Re: (java arg) Problem with full path
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 23:16:59 GMT

But <style> has the problem with locating parser class. CLASSPATH need to be
organised in special way (first : jaxp, second :crimson), some jars have to be
from ant/lib, and so on. (as written in ant's mail archive)
(this should be fixed in next build)

I solved this problem as follows:
1) copy file to be processed to current directory
2) start xalan and get result file at current directory
3) move result file to destination

Erik Hatcher wrote:

> Would the <style> task work for you in this case?   Not quite the solution
> to this particular issue you are having, but it might be a cleaner way to go
> about running XSL for you.
>     Erik
> >


Dmitriy Pichugin

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