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From "Michael J. Hudson" <>
Subject Ant/Trax/Redirect problem
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 22:43:09 GMT

This could just be a TRAX issue... but, it's ANT's use of TRAX that's
causing the problem... so, I'll state my problem here.

In my ANT build.xml file, I switched all my <style> elements so that
the attribute 'processor' equalled "trax" instead of "xalan".  This
seemed to work for most XSLT files except one's with the redirect

Now, I'm on a PC, and a friend is on a Linux-box... and his seems to
work, and mine doesn't for some reason.  I look through all the docs
on Apache on XALAN... and it reads as if REDIRECT should work with the
Xalan 2 stuff...  the only exception is if in conjunction with XSLTC...
however, I can't for the life of me see that ANT or anything else is
using XSLTC.  Is ANT doing something under the cover???

I don't know?  Has anyone else hit upon this problem?

When I run ANT on an XML file with REDIRECT... I get:

    [style] Transforming into G:\Working\main\echo\temp
file:G:/Working/main/echo/meta/xslt/XML2ENUM.xslt; Line 25; Column
42;     [styl
e] Failed to process

So, it seems to print out the line and column where the REDIRECT is
found, and then just fails.

Any clues?

Michael J. Hudson
Software/Framework Engineer

cell-phone: 703.362.8039
voice-mail: 703.827.0638 ext. 4786
fax: 703.734.0987

Blueprint Technologies
"Great software starts with great architecture"

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