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From Matthew Inger <>
Subject Re: Installation problems
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 19:00:35 GMT
Ramesh Donnipadu wrote:

>I am a newbie to ant and I am having a trouble with installing Ant on a
>unix machine. I am doing the following steps.
>1. I have down loaded the latest release build - that is
>2. Used gunzip and tar -xvf on the gzipped file.
>3. The untaring ends with "tar: directory checksum error"
>4. The untarred directory has only bin and docs directories. lib is
>5. After setting path to java, class path to Xerces' jar when I try
>torun 'ant -buildfile my.xml' the following error is encountered.
>Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
>I would appreciate any help.
sounds likeyou got a bad file.  the file should end in .tar.gz
and you should be able to run the command:

    tar xzvf <.tar.gz file>

The "z" option runs the file through a gunzip stream before
untarring it.  saves a step.  You can use this with any of the
tar modes I believe (definiation "c" and "t").

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