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From "Paul S. Kilroy" <>
Subject Re: running daemons
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 15:23:47 GMT
Lauren Commons wrote:

>I've looked for the answer to this, but couldn't find
>it.  If I missed it in the docs, please let me know...
>I am building and testing (!) an asynchronous
>messaging system (based on JMS).  For automated
>testing, I'm looking for a way to start the server in
>it's own process then run a test script and retrieve
>the output for comparison to expected results.
>The problem is how do I have Ant kick off the server
>then move on to the next task (calling a junit test)?
>Mr. Lauren Commons
I wrote a task to do this. It also (since I needed this also...) lets 
you specify standard input to the java process. Its called JavaInput...

It entends the Java task to add parameters "spawn" (boolean) this spawns 
off the Java code in a seperate thread (daemon), "sleep" (long) 
milliseconds to wait before returning (so the daemon has time to start), 
and nested "<input line="blah">" tags for specifying standard input.


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