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From Edgar "Sánchez" <>
Subject Why doesn't the path on a Jar file is puted when using fileset on a jar Tag?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 23:20:39 GMT
  Hi everyone, i think I got it... but the only thing,
and hope the last one is to put the path of the file
for the 4 files I put into my jar.  After generating
the jar I checked it out, and see if those files were
added..... the files were added with no path on it :-(
 thats bad, coz I need the path that path in my jar

  This is my target, if some one could tell me for the
last one, how do I put the path in my jar file

<target name="jar_ejb" depends="compile_ejb">
     <jar jarfile="D:/vicsa/HelloEJBAfil.jar"

<!-- here comes the file set -->
              <include name="FachadaGeneral.class"/>


              <include name="EmpresaValue.class" />

  so the target works fine but the path never appears.
I would like to send you my jar file in order to have
a better idea of what Im talking about is only 10kb



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