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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: How to make copy depend on filtersfile???
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 20:25:14 GMT
You could try using the <uptodate> task on the filtersfile and setting an
"overwrite" property (you'll need to add the "overwrite" addr to you
<copy> task), so that when the filtersfile is newer than the files to be
copied, overwrite="${overwrite}" will evaluate to true (have the value for
${overwrite} set to "false" by default [ie., if it didn't get set to
"true" by <uptodate>]).


--- Jim Crossley <> wrote:
> Hi Ant people.
> I've defined some filters using a filtersfile, and I can copy some
> files containing the filter tokens, and they're magically populated
> with the values from the filtersfile.  So far, so good.
> My problem: how to make the copy task depend not only on its
> destination files but on the filtersfile itself?
> Here's a snippet from my build file:
>     <filter filtersfile="${deploy.props}"/>
>     <copy todir="${deploy.home}/WEB-INF" filtering="true">
>       <fileset dir="etc"/>
>     </copy>
> Short of specifying 'overwrite="true"' in the copy task, how can I
> make it "depend" on my filtersfile?  Touching the filtersfile will not
> cause the copy task to execute since none of its source files are
> newer than its destination ones.
> Thanks.


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