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From Satish Kumar <>
Subject Re: Creating an EJB jar file with Weblogic 5.1
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:21:32 GMT
I am using weblogic 6.0 ..but this is what i do...
create a build directory ...put all the required class
files there and copy the descriptors there...jar it
and do weblogic.ejbc.think the same will work for 5.1
as well

I have the foll props set.

<target name="compile_ejb">
    <javac 	srcdir="${src}"
      <mkdir dir="${build}/META-INF"/>
      <copy todir="${build}">
          <fileset dir="${dds}">
            <include name="**/*jar.xml"/>

  <!-- Make a standard ejb jar file, including XML
deployment descriptors -->
  <target name="jar_ejb" depends="compile_ejb">
    <jar jarfile="${dist}/HelloEJB.jar"

  <!-- Run ejbc to create the deployable jar file -->
  <target name="ejbc" depends="jar_ejb">
    <java classname="weblogic.ejbc" fork="yes">
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.home"
      <arg line="-compiler javac ${dist}/HelloEJB.jar

Hope this helps...mail back if u have any queries

--- "Revathi P.J" <> wrote:
> Can anyone help me out in creating the ejb jar using
> Weblogic5.1 ? The ANT documentation is a bit
> confusing for me. The following are thc ommands to
> be implemented in ANT.
> jar cvf beantemp.jar com\tools\admin\common\*.class 
> com\tools\admin\company\*.class 
> com\tools\admin\version\*.class META-INF
> java weblogic.ejbc beantemp.jar adminbeans.jar
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