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From Don Taylor <>
Subject Re: Compile question--Class not found
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 17:36:34 GMT
I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish with step 2.
ant/lib is where you put your own ant tasks or the optional ant tasks.
In any case, it's all ant-related. 

To solve your problem try compiling package B first and produce the jar
file ("b-jar"). Then when compiling package A make sure b-jar is in the
classpath. Then everything should be fine.

-- Don

--- Michael Molloy <> wrote:
> Just started using Ant, and I can already appreciate all the work
> that has
> been put into it. Great tool.
> However, I'm having a bit of a problem. I've got packageA and
> packageB.
> packageA uses some classes in packageB. I tried the following using
> ant.
> 1. Compile packageB
> 2. Put the jar in ant/lib.
> 3. Compile packageA.
> 4. Move both jar files to my Windows 2000 development box.
> 5. Issued the java command: java -cp packageB.jar;packageA.jar
> MainClass
> This worked some of the time, but most of the time I got a
> ClassNotFoundException: packageB/SomeClass. The class is there,
> though.
> The only way I could get this to work was to move the packageB source
> files
> into the packageA directory and then call ant on packageA. The
> resulting
> single jar file packageA.jar works fine everytime. The problem is
> that I use
> packageB classes in other applications, so this is not an optimal
> solution. 
> Anyone have any suggestions? If it makes a difference, I'm compiling
> everything on SuSE 7.1 with Sun JDK build 1.3.1-b24.
> Thanks for any help.
> --Michael

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