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From "Fiedler, Raul" <>
Subject passing fileset as a property
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 15:30:41 GMT
"yeah, I've been trying to do this too. Is this feature beyond the
capabilities of Ant?"

I am looking for possibility to define a group of filees (fileset) as a
property and perform different task with it.
Example jar fileset or delete fileset.

Is there another approach to it or maybe add this one to suggestions for ANT

Thanks a lot.
Raul wrote:

>I know I can use the 'includes' in the <jar> tag and also include a
basedir, but the META-INF doesn't live in the basedir, and besides this
whole approach is m-ugly when compared to the concept of FileSets.

>Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

>Thanks IA

-- wrote:

>I have an EJB ant target that runs the Jar command over a specified set of
>In order to make this really useful & re-usable I want to be able to
re-call it many times but passing in different filesets.
>>From the docs <path id="base.path"> and  <path refid="base.path"> look
what I am looking for, but I cannot use the path tag within the jar
>Can someone point me in the right direction.

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