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From "T Master" <>
Subject javac destdir problem
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 18:42:32 GMT

OK, Here is a problem/bug i've discovered. Makes sense, but then again it
doesn't.  I would prefer a modification.

<javac destdir="${}"
            <classpath refid="project.class.path"/>
            <src path="${project.src.dir}"/>
            <include name="**/*.java"/>

That's my code.  My java files have packages.   the src.path property refers
to the correct package to compile.
Now Ant will check if the class files are in   .  If not,
the source files wll be compiled.

The is the package space to put the class files in.  It
corresponds to the java package.  Note: java files and class files belong in
differernt root dirs.

When the destdir uses the package space, the class files are found, and
compilation will not occur again (which is correct since they exist).
However, after compilation, the destdir is considered the root of the
package space, so the package heirarchy is reconstructed, and thus the class
files are put into the wrong location.

If, the destdir is the root of the package space, the existing class files
won't be detected, but the compiled files will be placed correctly.
The classpath does include the root dir of the class files location too, and
that makes no difference.

Anyone know if this is a bug, or is there a good workaround available?

T Master

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