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From "sp-ota" <>
Subject Re: PVCS : problem with non-exsiting sub-directories
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 04:47:43 GMT
RE: PVCS : problem with non-exsiting sub-directoriesHello.

It had a problem with adapting UNC.

I modifed the program and created a patch.
I only have access to local pvcs on Windows.
So, it will be nice if someone can test on other platforms.
( I expect it work, though.)

I fixed the bug, enhanced creating directories, and
removed unnecessary operations.



BTW, is it better to mail this to ant-dev???
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  From: Natalia Bello 
  To: '' 
  Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2001 7:06 PM
  Subject: RE: PVCS : problem with non-exsiting sub-directories

  Yes, i have the same problem with Ant 1.4, 
  and i have also modified the source code to solve it. 
  in the  first revision of pvcs task, it worked fine. 
  The problem, i think, come from adapt to use UNC. 

  -----Original Message----- 
  From: sp-ota [] 
  Sent: 16 August 2001 12:04 
  Subject: PVCS : problem with non-exsiting sub-directories 


  I am sending this message to both ant-dev and ant-user. 

  By the way, are the authors of Pvcs in this mailing list? 

  I use ANT_14_BRANCH of Aug. 14th., Sun JDK 1.4-beta, 
  Windows2000 Japanese edition, and PVCS 6.6. 

  I have a project containing sub-directories and lots of files. 
  When I used pvcs command from Ant, it failed to fetch all 
  the files under sub-directries.  It was because sub-directroies 
  were missing; "Get" command did not create sub-directories. 
  After modifing the source code to create sub-directries, it 
  works fine. 

  Did it work fine before? 
  Did anyone experience this problem? 


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