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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: New Ant FAQ at jGuru
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 16:17:37 GMT


Sounds very useful. Hopefully it will make it easier for users to answer 
questions. One thing though is it possible to email notifications to a list 
(say when new questions are asked/answered. It 
would be useful for just keeping abrest of where the 
unclear/confusing/whatever things are.

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 01:59, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> I anticipated there would be these type of discussion, so here goes:
> Yes, it is another forum for Ant.   Do I expect it to compete?  No.   I
> want jGuru and Jakarta to work together.  jGuru has a very nice FAQ
> infrastructure that could compliment all of Jakarta.    There is even talk
> that jGuru would be willing to host all of Jakarta's FAQ's and forums and
> allow Jakarta to pull the FAQ's back (via an XML/HTTP pull) to incorporate
> seamlessly into Jakarta's documentation.  (stay tuned for more on this).
> Several of Jakarta's projects already have jGuru representation.  For
> example:
>     Tomcat:
>         Jakarta FAQ site - which
> then refers to... (actually I just noticed the URL is not correct though)
>         jGuru's site -
>     Struts: (brand new)
>         jGuru's site: (not linked from Jakarta's Struts site yet) -
> Practically everyone that is doing anything remotely serious with Java
> development (i.e. anything more than just calling javac) will be using Ant
> and if you search for Ant at jGuru you'll find tons of questions about it
> in some fashion.   It is my goal to compliment Jakarta's site with
> interactive FAQ's - so if someone sees a better way of doing something they
> can instantly contribute.
> Its a bit overkill for a lot of Ant users and power-users to be on both
> ant-dev and ant-user, keep up with the traffic, _and_ contribute back with
> documentation patches.   A lot of folks don't have the interest or time to
> keep up with the e-mail traffic and I'm sure we all understand that.
> Clicking to jGuru's site to quickly add a trick you've found or to ask a
> question is much less daunting than jumping in head-first into the ant-user
> or ant-dev communities.   I'll contribute back to ant-dev when new FAQ's
> come in (but, again, this may be more automated in the future, stay tuned
> as jGuru wants to be an active part of Jakarta as they are with other
> developer communities).
> As Ant gains more and more popularity, I think there is a need to allow
> developers a way to get and interact with the community in numerous ways,
> and the jGuru FAQ and Forum is simply one choice for them to pursue.
> I hope this clarifies the situation.
>     Erik
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> Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 6:34 AM
> Subject: RE: New Ant FAQ at jGuru
> > Are you starting yet another forum for Ant? Do you expect this to
> "compete"
> > or "compliment" the ant mailing list?



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