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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Re: The cv0f arguments on a Jar? ejbc
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2001 11:39:15 GMT
From: "T Master" <>
> I have the same problem.  Use the ejbc task.  Heck, it doesn't do what it
> should do.  Documentation is bad.  That is, hard to follow, understand.
> is not "clear and concise" with a better example.
> Apparently the task wanted an ejb jar file.  Which attribute to state
> in?  No idea, so I use the <include> which had the deployment descriptors
> there already.

Let me address that. Right at the top of
there is a table which gives the app server versions supported by the
various EJB related tasks. The ejbc task is ONLY for weblogic 4.5.1. That
version of weblogic supported EJB 1.0 only or at least did so at the time
the task was written. Thus the task processes serialized deployment

> EJB1.1  doesn't use serialised deployment descriptors.

So, don't use the <ejbc> task cause that is what it eats.  If you want to
deal with EJB 1.1 beans, you presumably are using weblogic 5.1 or above and
you need to use the <ejbjar> task.

> Theya re xml based
> now, and so the documentation should be updated accordingly, or the task
> rewritten.

The task does not need to be rewritten for two reasons. The functionality
required is provided by <ejbjar> and some people are still use Weblogic

> Should I be using the <weblogic> as a nested element within
> <ejbc>.

No - why would you think that? The <ejbc> task only works under weblogic
and does not need or support a weblogic element.

> Not clear.  Confusing.  Only <ejbjar> shows its use in an example.

You cannot take the presence of a nested element in one task and assume
another task will support that nested element.

> Perhaps we need to make a requirement that all tasks have user docs
> before submission.  With clear examples, and descriptions.   Also, source
> code comments should be clear with no spelling mistakes.

You can send patches to correct documentation errors or deficiencies. The
task is documented. It is documented as supporting version 4.5.1. No other
version of weblogic is supported by this task.

> Not too much to
> ask!  It may just cut down on mails such as mine.
> A better example for weblogic.ejbc can be found at this link:
> A nice implementation.

Nice if you want to run ejbc everytime you do a build and nothing has
changed. That would be a killer in my development environment. The author
talks about this problem but there is no solution. I suggest you read the
<ejbjar> task description and understand how to apply it. I am not saying
it is going to be easy but I think you will find it gives you good results.
I have made changes in the 1.4 version to make it handle more ways of
naming beans.

BTW, the example you give has some issues. It should be using log() methods
rather than System.err.println. Also, it is preferable in methods such as
    public void setEjbjarfile(String jf) {
to use File arguments. Ant will resolve such files relative to the project
basedir which is generally preferable if you run your build from a
different directory.

> Disgruntled beyond belief!

Me too :-)


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