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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Re: Deleting a Jar in ant.
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2001 00:40:30 GMT
From: "Michael J. Hudson" <>
> Since I had seen an earlier bug kind of like this one... I'm thinking
> that ANT may have a couple of FileStreams that the code creates and
> still has handles to...
> In any case... in my ANT build.xml file...  I compile all of my class
> files, and JAR them up... however, I delete my previous copy of the JAR
> before I JAR them up.  For some reason, ANT can't delete it because
> it's still being used somehow.  I'm on a Windows NT machine... and this
> actually works fine on a Linux-box.  I had the same kind of issue a
> couple of weeks ago with some output from a XALAN process that ANT
> created. Same platform difference as well.  And we found out that
> this previous bug was a problem with ANT's TraxLiaison file.
> So... I'm pretty sure there must be something similar wrong in this
> case, but not quite sure what it might be.  Any ideas?  Is it possible
> that the last time I ran ANT, that the resouce handle to the JAR
> file that was last created is still being used?

No, but if the jar is in your classpath the JVM itself will have a lock on
it, I believe. Is that the case here?


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