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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: New Ant FAQ at jGuru
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 15:59:07 GMT
I anticipated there would be these type of discussion, so here goes:

Yes, it is another forum for Ant.   Do I expect it to compete?  No.   I want
jGuru and Jakarta to work together.  jGuru has a very nice FAQ
infrastructure that could compliment all of Jakarta.    There is even talk
that jGuru would be willing to host all of Jakarta's FAQ's and forums and
allow Jakarta to pull the FAQ's back (via an XML/HTTP pull) to incorporate
seamlessly into Jakarta's documentation.  (stay tuned for more on this).

Several of Jakarta's projects already have jGuru representation.  For

        Jakarta FAQ site - which
then refers to... (actually I just noticed the URL is not correct though)
        jGuru's site -

    Struts: (brand new)
        jGuru's site: (not linked from Jakarta's Struts site yet) -

Practically everyone that is doing anything remotely serious with Java
development (i.e. anything more than just calling javac) will be using Ant
and if you search for Ant at jGuru you'll find tons of questions about it in
some fashion.   It is my goal to compliment Jakarta's site with interactive
FAQ's - so if someone sees a better way of doing something they can
instantly contribute.

Its a bit overkill for a lot of Ant users and power-users to be on both
ant-dev and ant-user, keep up with the traffic, _and_ contribute back with
documentation patches.   A lot of folks don't have the interest or time to
keep up with the e-mail traffic and I'm sure we all understand that.
Clicking to jGuru's site to quickly add a trick you've found or to ask a
question is much less daunting than jumping in head-first into the ant-user
or ant-dev communities.   I'll contribute back to ant-dev when new FAQ's
come in (but, again, this may be more automated in the future, stay tuned as
jGuru wants to be an active part of Jakarta as they are with other developer

As Ant gains more and more popularity, I think there is a need to allow
developers a way to get and interact with the community in numerous ways,
and the jGuru FAQ and Forum is simply one choice for them to pursue.

I hope this clarifies the situation.


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> Are you starting yet another forum for Ant? Do you expect this to
> or "compliment" the ant mailing list?

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