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From Bernd Gruendling <>
Subject Re: Target 'build.xml' does not exist...
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 13:26:47 GMT
>"ANDERSON,JIM (HP-FtCollins,ex1)" wrote:
> > I'm using the 4NT shell under W2K.

>Great.  Now can you tell us how to detect you are using the 4NT shell (i.e.,
>is there an envrionment var with a specific value we can test), so we can add
>support for 4NT into ant.bat?

I have an environment setting:


Additionally, the online help says:

	Detecting 4NT

	From a batch file, you can determine if 4NT
	(or another JP Software command processor) is
	loaded by testing for the variable function @EVAL,
	with a test like this:

	if "%@eval[2+2]" == "4" echo 4NT is loaded!

	This test can never succeed in CMD.EXE. Other
	variable functions could be used for the same purpose.

I don't know, how specific this is.


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