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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.3 and Weblogic 6.
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:30:28 GMT
It might be a problem with odd OS-specific characters in the 
XML file.  This can be fixed by using a text editor that can convert file between 
UNIX, DOS, and Mac file formats (I've run into this problem primarily with 
different represenations of carriage returns).

My other thought is probably a long shot, since the error message you're getting isn't quite
right if this was actually the problem, but...

Are you behind a firewall?  If you are, and you're not using the <dtd> nested 
elements, then your xml parser might not be able to find the DTD.  The <dtd> tag 
redirects the parser to a local copy of the DTD.  This is a good thing to use 
anyway, since accessing a local DTD is faster (thus speeding up 
parsing).  Normally that would cause an error something like:

SAXException while parsing 'ejb-jar.xml'. This probably indicates badly-formed 
XML.  Details: External entity not found: "

In the end, I'm just making some guesses...


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