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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: XSLT (was Re: for-each (another proposal))
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 20:26:30 GMT wrote:
> And this is all to avoid learning a templating language. Even 
> though that language is potentially a standard language whos 
> basics could be understood in .... what about 40 minutes? wrote:
> I still can't understand how you can claim that if/them and looping are
> too complex and then turn around and suggest we use XSLT instead.

Apart from all the abrasive debate currently surrounding this topic, I WOULD be interested
in learning how to use XSLT to dynamically generate build files... HOWEVER, I haven't been
able to find a good tutorial on it yet.  While something on using XSLT to format XML documents
in general is nice, what I'm really looking for is a tutorial on how to use XSLT to build
an Ant script dynamically.  Furthermore, if the tutorial was written specifically to address
the umpteen "I need to ______ a directory which may or may not have x subdirectories in it"
posts out here, that would be fantastic.

>From my point of view, Pete's position would be more valid if there was something educational
out there on how to handle these situations properly (from an "anti-control flow, pro-templating"
perspective).  This perspective is a different way of approaching things (that's true for
Ant in general), and until I find some good in-depth explanations of this different solution,
I have to fall back on what I know (control structures).

I would like to use XSLT in conjunction with Ant, I just need to be shown how.  So does anyone
out there know of anything like this, or would be willing to whip up something like this?


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