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Subject problem while using <taskdef>
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:31:09 GMT

Hi all,

In my xml file I have <taskdef> like this....

     <taskdef name="vajload" classname

     <!--load project to workspace-->
     <target name="load" description="loadproject">
               <!--vajproject name="Apache XML Parser Xerces" version
               <vajproject name="ANT" version="2.1"/>

here when I try to build the target 'load' it is woking fine and BUILD
But when I remove the comments in the first vajproject tag and comment the
second one ie., trying to
build with Apache XML Parser Xerces 1.2 project Iam getting error like:


[vajload] Loading 1 project(s) into workspace


E:\xerces.xml:25: Project Apache XML Parser Xerces could not be loaded.
Add failed: The package cannot be specified by both
ANT and Apache XML Parser Xerces.

Total time: 1 second

what is the solution.

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