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Subject RE: problem while using <taskdef>
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 04:23:22 GMT

ok Boss. Then if I want to build the Apache XML Parser what can I do.
I can't delete the package from ANT project and add it
to Apache XML Parser project.
VAJLoadroject is in and this
package is in ANT project.
how can I add this in <taskdef> when I want to make a build for Apache XML
Parser project.
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The problem is in VAJ and your Repository.  A package can only exist in one
project at a time in your workspace.  Apparently both your Apache XML
Parser Xerces project and your ANT project contain the package  You already have the Apache XML Parser Xerces
project loaded into your workspace, so when the API Tools Servlet tries to
import the ANT project into your workspace, VAJ complains about the
conflict.  You would see the same error if you went directly to the
workspace or repository explorer and tried to load the ANT project.

If you first removed the Apache XML Parser Xerces project from your
workspace (or removed the offending package from one of the two projects),
the problem would go away.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 6:31 AM
Subject: problem while using <taskdef>

Hi all,

In my xml file I have <taskdef> like this....

     <taskdef name="vajload" classname

     <!--load project to workspace-->
     <target name="load" description="loadproject">
               <!--vajproject name="Apache XML Parser Xerces" version
               <vajproject name="ANT" version="2.1"/>

here when I try to build the target 'load' it is woking fine and BUILD
But when I remove the comments in the first vajproject tag and comment the
second one ie., trying to
build with Apache XML Parser Xerces 1.2 project Iam getting error like:


[vajload] Loading 1 project(s) into workspace


E:\xerces.xml:25: Project Apache XML Parser Xerces could not be loaded.
Add failed: The package cannot be specified by both
ANT and Apache XML Parser Xerces.

Total time: 1 second

what is the solution.

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