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Subject Re: preventing ant exit
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 22:42:37 GMT


didn't know about that one.  okay, well after a bit of tweaking things i
did get this to work.

(side note: recommend taking the first umpty-hundred lines of ant's bin/ant
and putting it in antidote's bin/antidote so that the only difference is
the very last line - it's the same deal and ant's is more complete in
support) (me=cygwin weenie)

i think my command-line hack is easier to use, although antidote could win
me over with:
- a build-target hotkey,
- auto-scroll to bottom of debug output when such is generated
- a bigger font (what is that, 7-pt courier?).

antidote looks nice otherwise. i like it.


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If you're that worried about losing 2 seconds per invocation, why don't
you use antidote?  Once it has loaded the build.xml file, you can start
a build in virtually zero time. wrote:
> This is on windows.
> It's actually quite fast, but it takes at least 1 or 2 seconds to load.
> After it's loaded, and especially if i use jikes, compilation time is
> virtually zero. All I'm doing is eliminating that *load time*.
> I know 2 seconds is small, but 500 compiles * 2 seconds ~= 16 minutes of
> wasted time.
> I am surprised that ant just explodes into action and begins compiling
> immediately for everyone else.
> tm
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> Troy,
> Nice cpu and ram you have there.  Pity it's a dog runing something light
> ant.
> Might wanna get a tune up ;)
> Curious though, what o/s do you have running?
> T Master
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> > Gee, this is really getting way more complicated than it should be.
> >

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