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Subject Re: preventing ant exit
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 16:53:25 GMT

(sorry about my reverse-quoting of your reply, i have to use this crap
emailer that screws it all up)

i implemented it without hitting any classloader problems, but maybe what
i'm working on is too simplistic to encounter such. anyhow, if anybody
wants the code, email me.


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On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 04:58, wrote:
> i'm new to ant...
> was just wondering if there was any reason nobody has added an option to
> run ant in a loop. that is, the only way it seems to run is
>   $ant compile
>     <barf>
>   $ant compile
>     <barf>
>   $ant compile
>   $
> which is sort of slow on my pc because each time ant has to load
> (impatience *is* one of the three pillars of programming.)

It has been discussed and implemented before (under the name incremental
continuous) however never added to Ant core as it caused some serious
ClassLoader errors. Ant2 will implement it. Ant1 maybe able to implement it

based on Conors recent work to ClassLoader .. not sure haven't looked at it



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