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Subject Re: [POLL] JUnit Users
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:26:27 GMT

- Are you using the framed report ? non framed report ? both ?
 The framed report is nice and what I would use by default. Have not looked
at the other.

- Did you customize the stylesheets ?
 No but I thought about it.

- If yes, what did you change ? Was it easy ?

- Did you write your own stylesheet and applied it via <style> ?

- What are your RFEs for <junitreport> ?
 One thing that I want to do is maintain a history for junit results, at
the momement all I want are the total tests, error and failure counts. I
want to push them into an Excel spreadsheet to produce some bar charts. I
was going to write my own task to iterate over the xml files to get those

- What are your RFEs for <junit> ?
 Speed. I have my tests organized in a hierarchy with a class at the top
that could run all the tests. When run that way (via fork) my <junit> task
would run in about 3 or 4 minutes. But the <junitreport> did not orgranize
the results by package. So I made use of the <batchtest> option. Now my
tests take 20 minutes to run because of all the subprocesses created, one
for each of the 280+ tests. But the <junitreport> looks great.

-- Thanks.

Your welcome, thanks for <junitreport> my management is thrilled with the

Erik Husby
Clinsoft Corp.
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10 Maguire Rd       Fax: 781-778-3800
Lexington, MA 02421 Email:

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