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Subject RE: [junit] What is the property for the project name?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:23:26 GMT

Thanks Robert,  many apologies for the miss-posting. Slip of the mouse on
the reply button!!  :-0


Robert Watkins <> on 30/07/2001 23:11:24

Please respond to

To:   "''" <>,
      "''" <>
cc:   Robert Worth/CHASE@CHASE
Subject:  RE: [junit] What is the property for the project name?

Robert Worth wrote:
> How do I do this?  What should I put instead of
> ${} ?  Sorry if
> this is in the docs, I have scoured them but can't find the
> answer. (I know
> that if you put ${basedir} it give what you want.
> <project name="myproject" default="echoprojectname" basedir="." >
>      <target name="echoprojectname" >
>           <echo message="${}"
>      </target>
> </project>

You want the Ant-user mailing list (, not the
JUnit one.

And if you read the documentation (the "Using Ant" page, in the
section), you will see that the property you are after is


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