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Subject Re: How to use a <taskdef>
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 04:43:49 GMT

If anybody is having junit.jar pls send it to me immediately.
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If you download Ant's optional.jar (from the release builds) and put it in
your ANT_HOME/lib directory you won't have to <taskdef> anything and it'll
work as the documentation shows (provided junit.jar is in your classpath
also, just drop it in the ANT_HOME/lib directory too for convenience and
it'll automatically be put in the classpath).

The previous messages on this thread showing the <taskdef> were incorrect
anyway, its used for pointing at Ant task classes, not at the JUnit


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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 3:05 PM
Subject: How to use a <taskdef>

> Does anyone know how to use <junit>  as a task as stated by the Ant 1.3
> manual?
> I can only get junit to work using <java> and passing <argvalues>.
> I've created a <taskdef> but get instanciation exceptions for the junit
> TestCase class.
> I also don't know which tool place my junit.jar  file.  The Ant docs
> a /lib/ext.  Which Tool?
> I copied it into every ant, jdk, jre /lib/ext and still <junit>  didn't
> work.
> Don't tell me I need to write my own class for a taskdef!!!
> Need some hope.

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