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From "Myron Uecker" <>
Subject Re: OS/390, Ant 1.3 and Compiler Messages
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 20:24:00 GMT

I spent a little time trying to make sure I could build Ant, it doesn't
seem to work right under OS/390 (looks like ASCII-EBCDIC translation
issues) but I can compile on my workstation.  I would be willing to help
you try a few things to see if we can get the compiler output to show up.
If you want to email me directly instead of debugging on the forum that
might be easier.  We could then post the patch once one is available.

>> java full version "JDK 1.1.8 IBM build m118-20001122 R06 (JIT
>> enabled: jitc V3.0 -20001122)"
>OK, thanks, your other post shows quite clearly, where to search for
>the problem.
>Unfortunately I don't have an OS/390 box around 8-) and don't know
>anybody who could provide me with an account for one - so we'll need
>you for testing and debugging, if this is OK with you.

Myron Uecker

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