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From "Oliver Burn" <>
Subject release 1.2 of checkstyle
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 07:45:43 GMT
Announcing release 1.2 of checkstyle. The changes are:

- Added checking for redundant importing from the java.lang package, and
  importing from the package the file is declared in.
- Added a flag to ignore checking whitespace (a much requested feature:-).
- Added a flag to ignore checking braces on if/while/for/do constructs.
- Output is now sent to standard out (rather than standard error).
- Bug-fix: Correctly detects import statements referenced by the .class

Release 1.2 of checkstyle is available at:

The things that checkstyle checks for are:

- Unused or duplicate import statements.
- Javadoc comments are defined for class, interface, variable and method
- Javadoc tags for a method match the actual code.
- The file starts with a specified header. This is useful to ensure that a
  file has a copyright notice.
- An @author tag exists for class and interface Javadoc comments. Note: this
  can be turned off.
- Format of variable names match specified regular expressions.
- Format of class and interface names match a specified regular expression.
- Format of parameter names match a specified regular expression.
- Variables that are not declared as private or protected.
- Correct use of white space around binary and unary operators.
- Ensure {}'s are used for if/while/for/do constructs.
- Lines are not longer than a specified length.
- Lines do not contain tabs. Note: this check can be turned off.

Checkstyle can be run via an ANT task or a command line utility. It is
available under the GNU General Public License.

Oliver Burn

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