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From "Joe Gaffey" <>
Subject problems with chmod
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 11:20:53 GMT

Hi all,

I originally sent this to alexandria-dev so apologies for any

I am using alexandria on a medium sized java project and I think it's great.
However as it's final step it does a chmod on all the output, eg for the
javadoc html files. I am running on an SGI Irix box (not sure if this is
relevant). The chmod wouldn't work (Result: -1) and when I tried to run a
similar chmod on the command line it complained that 'Arg list too long'.  I
then modified the ant to try the chmod task with parameter
'parallel="false"' but this just gives an answer of 'Execute failed: Too many files open'.

This would seem to be a serious drawback. Is there any tidy (or even untidy)
way to deal with this?

Has this been seen before, perhaps I'm forgetting something (I'm relatively
new to this).


Joe Gaffey
Software Developer
Gradient - a Sabre Company

Ormonde House			Tel:	+ 353 1 2400 500
12 Lower Leeson Street		Fax:	+ 353 1 2400 501
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