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From "John P. McGrath" <>
Subject Common path definitions
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 17:49:44 GMT
I have been having a tough time setting up Ant files the way I want, and am
hoping someone can suggest an approach that will work.

I have a number of projects for which I am creating Ant build files, and
each of these projects use some number of third-party libraries.  I have to
be able to build the projects on a number of different platforms and
systems, and the paths to the library files are different on the different

I would like to create a single file that defines where the libraries are.
Ideally, this would consist of a number of path elements that points to the
JAR file(s).  Then I would like to "include" this single library definition
file into the build files for the projects.  The location of the library
definition file will vary from system to system, so I would like to pass the
name of that file to the build file as a property.

I have tried using an XML entity to include the file, but I cannot find any
way to parameterize the path to that file.  I have also tried "running" the
library definitions using the <ant> task, but that does not seem to work
either.  I can execute tasks in the file, but the paths are not available in
the calling script.

Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?


John McGrath

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