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From Jérôme Lacoste <>
Subject JUnit output (System.out) not printed.
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 18:25:57 GMT
I upgraded to Ant 1.4 nightly and I found out that the JUnit output
(System.out, System.err) is not printed anymore. I modified my build.xml
file to reflect the change with the printsummary="withOutAndErr" (I also
tried on and off), but the output is still not printed.

If I use -debug, then I can see the output printed  during the summary.
Is the output only printed during the summary? I do not want that behavior:I
need the output because of necessary interaction with the user for my
functional tests.

Here's my junit task:

<junit printsummary="withOutAndErr" haltonfailure="no">
		<path refid="tests.classpath" />
	<formatter type="plain" usefile="false" />
	<test name="${bvt.test.suite}" />

I do have a really strange case because some of my output is actually
printed. This output is in fact a special case (use for debugging and can be
turned off). It is printed using a special logger class instance which has a
PrintStream member initialized to System.out. (it should go back to the same
shouldn't it?)
But I still miss my important output, the one that directly prints to

Am I missing something?


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